New beginnings

So here’s something new., huh?  Yeah, I decided that it was time to get my own “real” website.  So I registered my own domain.  Creative URL, isn’t it?  I thought so.

Anyway, I don’t know exactly what will become of this.  I orginally registered a MySpace account back somewhere near the end of 2005/beginning of 2006 in hopes of reconnecting with high school friends.  I knew about this phenomenon known as “blogging” but really wanted not much to do with it.  Then I started posting once in a while, and enjoyed it.  I like the MySpace blog.  But I realilze that using MySpace’s blog is about as effective as using the AOL-Browser instead of IE in the 1990’s (JavaScript, anyone?)  Great tool with useful features, but completely limited in its ability.

I learned a bit about RSS  and XML and broadcasting things in recent weeks.  I learned just some of the awesome technologies available to us, here in the year 2006, thanks to great podcasts such as MacBreak Weekly.  I decided it was time to take this to the next level.  So I registered this new blog here, to start off with.  What else will be added on to this page?  A forum?  A fully-functional website with all kinds of cool content – audio, video, etc?  I don’t know.  Time will tell.

For now, we have this nifty little blog available, which will be updated periodically.  Possibly daily.  Maybe bi-daily.  (Is that a word?)  Again, we shall see.  I’ll talk about the things I learn about God, as I am always questioning, probing, and searching for greater and deeper truth of him.  I shall post about the latest and greatest in technology as I learn it.  And, of course, as one would expect of me, look forward to plenty of random and pointless “crap” to appear on here as well… anything that catches my fancies or makes me laugh.  I’ll post of the odd circumstances that beset me or my experiences while at work or play.

One thing that I really am excited about is that this very blog is RSS-enabled.  What does that mean?  Well, look down in the very bottom-right corner of the page to the little button that says “Simply Headlines.”  Click on there and subscribe and you can receive an email every day on what is posted here or changes or other things.  It’s setup in a convenient newspaper format.  Really cool stuff.  There’s a Google button there as well, which will allow you to add this Blog feed onto your main Google search page.  I’ll add more items in the near-future.

One thing that will really make this fun is if people comment and ask questions and discuss.  I’m not fishing for attention a la so many millions on MySpace who define their character by how many pic comments they have, but rather I want to encourage open discussion and interaction.  Again, I will add more in the near future to promote this.

You can always check my older blogs via myspace at  I may try to transfer the others over here, but I haven’t reached that decision yet.

Until then, I take my leave. 

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