The end of an era

Acme as seen on Magie AveFor as long as I can remember, the Acme has always been sitting there on Magie Ave in Union as the neighborhood supermarket. We’re talking over 20 years of being the community store for groceries and the like. That all is about to change, however.

Twenty minutes ago, at 4pm EST on October 30, 2006, Acme closed its doors for good. They announced about a month ago that the store was shutting its doors and that it would thereafter become a CVS or Rite Aid or something.

Where'd all the Hot Sauce go?For the past month it has been a very depressing atmosphere in there. Slowly, the store’s stock has declined and the shelves became emptier and emptier. The store workers stopped smiling, and even though they continued to play the same old Musak, there was a somber atmosphere about the place.

No more chicken.  How sad.  :(Me and Michael went there about a half hour ago just to see what was going on during Acme’s last hurrah , and also to see if we can get any “Super Closeout Pricings.” Well, nothing was on sale, but it was even stranger in there today. The shelves were almost completely empty. There were about 2 employees there and one Acme Executive-type person.

And now, as the store has closed, they are packing up the remainder of the inventory and shipping it off elsewhere. Tomorrow the last traces of the old Acme will be gone forever, and the lot will become a construction site.

Here’s to you, Acme, and your years of service and sales to our neighborhood!

Farethee well, Acme

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