Happy Day after Halloween?

I wasn’t home last night until almost midnight, so no bloggings on October 31.

After work I came home, and passed out out for about a half hour and then showered and went to Carlos’ house. Me and Janelle and Carlos were hanging out there all night with other people coming and going at random times. At one point the house was quite full. We hung out on the front porch most of the night. We gave out some candies to the kids out for Halloween along with Bridge cards and invited them to come check us out. We also had hot chocolate or tea with cookies for the adults who were there with their kids.

It was pretty cool. A good handful of kids came around. Most of the night we just hung out with each other. I got Carlos’ computer antivirus updated and got him some spyware protection and cleaned up his system. I also got his iPod hooked back up. He has the original iPod Mini… though as compared to the new Nanos, it’s not really that “mini.”

In other news, I’m writing a teaching series on the cross that hopefully we will be able to use in 2007. I had the idea for the 4-part series while at Quick Check across from the Rahway Motor Vehicle building. I think it will be really cool. I have some ideas for approaching different areas and ideas associated with it that I think will be impactful. I’ll post more about this once the series is actually written and there is something to speak of.

In honor of last night, though, I leave you with a cartoon from HomestarRunner.com. They always have a great Halloween episode every year.

HomestarRunner: Happy Hallow-Day!

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