This is a post.

Nothing new happening the past two days.  Well, that may not be necessarily true.  I bought a AV Switchbox to try to get my computer and PS2 and N64 and CD/DVD combo unit and other amenities all run into spare TV I found lying in the attic.  I want to use it as a secondary monitor and figured I can wire everything together and make it all cool.  Of course, I’ll have to disconnect it all soon because I’m going to buy a new desk shortly.  But we’ll see.

And also I taught at small group last night.  ‘Twas cool.  I had no notes.  I just played a Nooma video and we all started talking for an hour.  I think it went well.  We spoke about being Jesus’ disciple.  We spoke about how to be a witness for God here and now today and how to love people.  We even got into some deeper theological discussion about whether or not “the unsaved” can go to heaven based on a Scripture, whose reference eludes me, which talks about how some who think they will make it won’t and those who don’t think they will make it actually will.  Good stuff.  I may or may not be scheduled to teach on November 29.  We shall see.  You should come check it out.

Today was boring.  I worked.  I came home.  That’s about it.  I’m going to clean a wee bit cause my room looks like Hiroshima after they dropped the bomb.  (No offense to any Hiroshimans).

I do feel some obligation to post something, though, for the 3 people who randomly read this.  So I’ma steal a survey, or meme as she calls it, from Angela.

::begin meme theft::
1. Total number of films I own on DVD and video.
Between 50 and 75.  There was a point where I was buying movies at a highly accelerated rate.  But then I realized I was poor.  So now it is infrequent.

2. Last film I bought.
Wow. That would probably be King Kong.  I told you.  Few and far between.

3. Last film I watched.
The Prestige.  Very good movie.  The ending was a bit disturbing, but I rather enjoyed it.

4. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order).
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Rocky 1
Field of Dreams
Batman Begins

5. If you could be any character portrayed in a movie, who would it be?

Wilson from Cast Away cause he was freakin’ awesome!

::end meme theft::

And, so I guess I should shoutout to Angela since I did steal her meme/survey thing.

This is Angela.  She is the SciFiChick and is pretty much awesome.  Visit her blog and subscribe to the RSS.  She also is a really talented artist.  You should hire her.  Seriously.

I met her back in 2005 at the National Youth Worker’s Convention in Atlanta, GA. I have a picture somewhere, but not on this computer.

Well, this blog has gotten fairly long for me not having something to talk about.  Hopefully something interesting will happen to me tomorrow so I can talk about it.  See you then.

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