Reflection of Something

Why doesn't he ever wear shoes on his CD's?So I’ve been listening to Todd Agnew’s newest CD, which really isn’t all too new, but it is for me since I just got a copy of it.

There’s a few songs on there I like, but there’s just something about the album I couldn’t undersand that made it seem weird to me. I listened to it a few times and think I have figured it out.

It appears to me that, for the most part, Todd doesn’t like to rhyme his lyrics… almost never. There is the occasional rhymage, but for the most part, I think he abstains from it.

Maybe he does it for artistic reasons. Maybe he wants to stand out, in which he succeeds because the songs do sound different than any other songs I have heard before. Or perhaps he just has a hard time finding rhyming words.

As I listen to it more, it grows on me slowly. There are, I think one or two songs I particularly like… one being “My Jesus.” The other eludes me as I haven’t learned the track titles yet.

It’s not a bad album, but I think it takes time to get used to.

I give it 3 bare feet out of 5.

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