Acting before you think

Jimmy and Danielle and Angelica and  Baby Kal-El are here tonight.  Michael was laying on the floor, doing some random computings on the laptop.  Angelica was laying next to him, talking and talking and talking and talking some more.  As per her usual actions.

Michael decided to be funny and said “go away!” and pushed her away, ever so slightly, as to remove her from his immediate vicinity.

Well, she didn’t move “ever so slightly.”  She flew across the room with lightning speed. There was a definite and excedingly loud thud as her head made collision with the cheaply carpeted floor.  I mean a VERY LOUD thud.  Like a kick drum struck with great force and amplified over a 1000-watt subwoofer.

And then came the blood curdling, high-pitched screaming of this 4 year old girl.  Michael just laid there and sad, “Now I feel like a bad person.”

And Jimmy replied, “Well, you should.”

I guess it’s a bad thing, but it was quite funny at the same time.  I laughed.  Jimmy laughed too.  Michael restrained his laughter.

And then, after 30 seconds, it was all over and she was laughing as well.

This was my night.

The end.

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