Reflections of “Tired”

So last night I said how tired I was.

StupidityI woke up super early and went to work 4 hours of overtime.

After work I came home, did a wee bit of work, and then me and Michael went to get some lunch and head over to a big training day that The Bridge was putting on.. “Equip.” It was cool. We showed some video teachings and we had 3 smaller live teachings and some fun stuff too. It was a good day of training. People liked it.

Houlihan'sAnd then afterwards me, Michael, Brian, Lynn, Kevin, and Sarah all went to Houlihan’s in Bayonne for some dinner. I had ribs and chicken. ‘Twas good. The potatoes were wonderful as well.

And then we came home. I was beat. I was fighting falling asleep the whole car ride home. I sat down at the computer to get stuff finished for church today, and I was out. Comatose. I do remember Michael coming home around midnight or something and saying something, though I can’t really remember the conversation. He then went to the other computer, and made all the videos that I was supposed to get done. It was appreciated.

MichaelSo I guess I shoutout to Michael now, cause he took care of just about all the church media while I slept. He is my brother. No, that’s not slang. He biologically is of the same relation to me. He is my Senior Apprentice in the Bridge’s tech pillar as well as, basically, the 2nd in command at Christ Fellowship’s tech ministry and our stage manager.

And the sleep was glorious. All 9 hours of it. A pleasant change of pace as my Saturday nights usually consist of about 3 hours of sleep.

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