The power of the Triforce

So I’m teaching this weekend at our Triforce Retreat seminar thing. Originally, I was slated to only teach at the Discovery Retreat, but Carlos asked me to do one at the Advanced Leadership Training seminar too.

So, Friday night I’m leading the 1st session with the Leadership Training people. I don’t think I can say what the topic is about as I believe we want to keep it a secret until we actually do it, being that this is the first time we’re doing this particular seminar. I think that I am going to call the session, “The Great Dichotomy of Our Modern Culture,” though… so draw your own conclusions as to the theme and focus.

And then I’ll be with the Discovery Retreat people all day on Saturday, in which I will lead their 2nd session on “Unwrapping Your Spiritual Gifts.” It will be fun. I did this one back in April and thought it was good. And we’re going to have a lot more people in the class this time around.

The only down side is that I now have 2 days to plan this brand new teaching, generate some slides and handouts and outlines. Much work to do.

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