Obsessed much?

I went to Target today to buy a few small items that I required. Upon entering, I saw some people sitting around the entrance to the door, and made my way around them, thinking they might be collecting for some funky little program that wants to protect street pigeons or something. I avoided eye contact as much as possible.

So I bought my stuff and vacated the store. Upon leaving, I realized that these were not some looney Pigeon-loving cult, but rather looney Playstation-lovers. Yep. These people were camped out (with tents, mind you) waiting to get inside to buy a Playstation 3 at midnight tonight.

I mean, this is just really sad. I’m glad that these people are in such a comfortable financial state that they can take a day (or two) off of work and still fork over $400 or $500 for a new PS3. But, honestly… there’s just no need. There is so much else you can do with the precious little time we have in this world. And the Playstations will still be here later on so you can go buy one in broad daylight and then go home and play.

I tried to get a picture of them, inconspicuously, as i was driving away, but was unsuccessful in my attempts. So instead, I leave you with a picture of a catfish.


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