Of sleep deprivation and racial diversity

Sleep is good.I haven’t been able to have my afternoon nap for the past 2 days, and I must say that I am noticing some adverse side effects. I have been exhausted by 10pm both nights. I can’t think as clearly. I am sluggish during the day. I feel lethargic towards many a thing as well. This is not good.

Happily, I have tomorrow off from work. I called my boss today and said, “I’m not coming in tomorrow.” He sounded none too happy, but that is secondary concern to me at this point. I am only about 1/2 way done planning the big teaching for tomorrow night… the “Great Dichotomy” one. My lack of sleep is making it much more difficult to think through what I want to say and it is taking a great deal longer than it should. And I need to get the notes finished, the outlines written, the slides created, the object lessons prepped, and the photocopies made before 5pm tomorrow. i also want to run to the Apple store to pick something up. These were the reasons for my calling out of work. I still must wake early as to be able to get all of it done, but I shall remain in a state of sleep until at least 8am, as compared to the alarm’s normal first sounding at 5:45. For that I am happy.

William Michael Hartz's Facebook profileIn other news, I recently joined Facebook. I like that it is a more professional social network, and also i am anticipating a mass migration from MySpace to it in the near future… just from rumors I am hearing. So I wanted to be prepared in advance. Anyway, since Facebook is based on school, and my school, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, was in Newark, NJ, I am a part of the Newark, NJ Network. There’s only about 6 or 7 people in it, and when I looked at it I noticed something. It actually made me laugh. Made me feel good. I noticed that I’m the only white guy in the network. Of course this is no shock, being that it is a Newark network. But still, I am not sure why, but it made me smile.

Maybe it’s just the exhaustion talking.

Either way, I take my leave, I think I will soon sleep, and start typing again early tomorrow morning.

How shall we end this? A witty comment or remark? A deep insight? No, I have it. A benediction. Yes, let us try this…

May the grace of our Lord be with you now and always, and may you stay faithful until he comes. Amen.

5 Replies to “Of sleep deprivation and racial diversity”

  1. To Jimmy:

    I did’t get to go. I was typing up my teaching, literally, all day.

    To Shayna the Thug:

    That’s ok. Most of my writing consists of crap decorated with pretty words. 🙂

    To All:

    Tonight was good. The gave me an hour to speak. I spoke for an hour and 36 minutes. Good quality Theology, if you ask me.

    Time to sleep.

  2. lol!!! Guess what? your not the only white guy in the newark, NJ network…..Phil is in it too!!!!! I swear,he’s in it. You can find him on facebook.He actually had it before me and you…wow…very strange. I feel the apocolypse coming. lol. thanks for the text. i feel loved.

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