The City that never sleeps… except tonight

photo_112406_001.jpgSo we (me, Michael, and Jimmy) ended up going to the 5th Ave NY Apple Store because it’s open 24 hours a day and they started their Black Friday sale at 12:01am instead of 8am like everywhere else. I must say I was a tad disappointed in the sale. There wasn’t that much discounted. They had some computers and some iPods, but not the entire line of machines on sale. Then there was some random accessories discounted. My biggest letdown was that the MacBook Pros were not on sale, which was the main reason I was heading there.

I mean, the iMacs are on sale, and I do want to get a 24″ iMac. Theoretically I could go to one of the closer stores tomorrow and get that for the same price I was willing to spend on the MacBook Pro. But Jimmy also brought up the point that I could go tomorrow to a store, bring a friend who is a student, and get the Pro with the student discount. I very well may do that. We shall see when I wake up.

photo_112406_004.jpgSo, we left the Apple Store and headed back to the subway. We didn’t want to leave just yet, so we went to Times Square. I must say, it was pretty dead for Times Square, even being 1:30am. Very empty. Probably only one or two thousand people around. Very strange. And a lot of the stores were closed. I’ve never seen that before, and I’ve been there much later than that. There was a drunk girl there who fell right on her butt on the dirty, wet, Times Square ground. That was fairly amusing.

Jimmy was hungry, and he wanted a dirty water dog, but alas, there were no vendors to be found. So we tried to go to Sbarro’s. They were just closed. We tried Fridays. Closed. We settled on McDonalds. Ew. But open. Even after my Chicken Selects, I didn’t feel that well. I haven’t had McDonalds in over a year. It’s amazing how you could like something before, and then after abstaining, the greasiness and low-quality gets nasty. Plus the bathroom was fairly disgusting. There was a distinctive smell and excessive toilet sprinkle about. But what can you expect from the Times Square McDonalds? Millions of people use that facility every day.

photo_112406_008.jpgSo we walked around a bit more. We ended up in the 34th Street area. We looked, but found nothing Miraculous about the place. There were remains from the Thanksgiving Day parade left about… some litter from the on-lookers, and the blockades and barriers stacked on the sidewalks about Broadway. We walked past Macy’s and on to Madison Square Garden and finally back into Penn Station and came back home. I just got back to my house at 4am. I’m tired. So I’m going to rest.

We’ll see if I end up buying the MacBook Pro tomorrow (call me if you want to let me use your student discount) or if I opt for the iMac or if I refrain entirely.

Goodnight, all.

photo_112406_005.jpg photo_112406_012.jpg photo_112406_009.jpg

One last question… Why do the sewars in NY always smoke, and just what are they doing down there?



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