Of chocolate ice cream and magic mushrooms

Carlos was stuck writing a paper and going to his class all evening, so I got to hang out with Jenn after Sanctuary… for pretty much the entire day. So much fun. She is good peoples. There was much laughter and jokes, so many that I cannot think to name the majority of them. But it was a pleasant atmosphere.

We went to Applebees after church with Kevin and Sarah for some dinner. Others were to attend with us, but had to pull out for various reasons. It was quite good. I got some sirloin steak/chicken combination. And mashed potatoes. I love Applebees mashed potatoes. One of the most incredible mashed potato experiences you will ever have. Right up there with Famous Dave’s mashed potatoes. But I digress…

Afterwards we had to figure out what we wanted to do, as Carlos was still indisposed and we didn’t just want to retire to our respective homes just yet. But we both did have to make a pit stop. So we went to their house to use the facilities, and the trekked back out on our yet-to-be-discovered adventure. We didn’t know if we wanted to see a movie or go bowling or what. I suggested just “driving” around until we found something to do. But Jenn doesn’t seem to like the idea of just driving with no real destination. She wanted a plan. So I started the car and just started driving. I told her it would be a good learning experience. Though it was me who did learn a great deal more about Jenn than I knew before. You see, I got on Route 1 and just started driving to wherever. I had my iPod playing some great hits of the 80’s, but then a Mike Tyson’s Punch Out techno remix came on. Jenn’s eye’s instantly widened with a maniacal glee. She now had her mission. Our night was to be filled with re-lived childhood memories as we rocked out to my Nintendo Entertainment System with the best games ever made. Very well!Chocolate ice cream!

I hit a U-Turn in Rahway, near the Motor Vehicle Agency. And then she saw it. Her eyes, again, lit up with an incandescent glow as we drew near to a Dairy Queen and she exclaimed, “Chocolate ice cream!” So it was apparent that before we were to have a night of Super Mario we were to have a nice ice cream break. So I handed her the iPod and drove to the Quick Check next door to get some cash. As I came out I was like, “ready?” To which she replied, “No.” Apparently Jenn gets carsick rather easily and somehow looking at my iPod for all of 15 seconds while I was driving did her in. So she was no longer in the “ice cream mood,” though I suspected this to be a temporary state. So I headed back to Elizabeth, and made sure to pass by another Dairy Queen on the way. Sure enough, by the time we reached this other DQ, she was in the “ice cream mood” again. We stopped and finally she got her chocolate ice cream. And she got so excited while ordering it. It was a little scary. But she got it nonetheless. She must really love the chocolate ice cream. I got a new Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. ‘Twas good. Quite good.

SMB3 yo!So then I drove her back to the high school to get her car, which, thankfully, was still there, with all the windows in-tact. I got my NES and some games and went back to their house, where Carlos now was after the ending of his class. I hooked up the good ol’ Nintendo and we all beheld its glory as we had to relive memories of our childhood as we blew into the cartridges in order to get them to work.

And that is where we have been ever since. Rocking the Super Mario Brothers 3. It’s mad fun. And I’m now realizing how late it is. But it matters not. Because there are still goombas to squish and paratroopers to send gliding across the screen.

That was my day hanging out with Jenn.

See you all next time.

Oh, and just so you all know, it is apparent that my SMB skills far outshine hers, and you should all let her know of that fact. .. repeatedly. She may deny it, but hold firm and the truth shall set you free. 🙂


6 Replies to “Of chocolate ice cream and magic mushrooms”

  1. When you have a pregnant wife, or just a wife period who wants to go home immediately you’ll understand why i leave so quickly…..

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