Listen. Be. Breathe.


Fellowship group was pretty cool tonight. I taught. We watched the latest Nooma video, “Breathe.” I first saw it at NYWC Austin and it really changed my perspective on a lot of things. Made me view myself and others in a completely different light.

The discussion was pretty cool. We spoke, wrestled with, and dug deeper into many concepts the video addressed and then into areas the conversation branched out to, such as holy ground, life and death, God’s sustenance of all living things, Sabbath, loving others, God’s presence amidst the chaos and disorder of our existences (see Geneses 1:2), suffering, persecution, the church’s ability to flourish under fire, the God in you connecting with the God in others, the paradox of atheism, and much more.

I like my group. We can get into pretty deep theological though processes. There’s a lot of “thinkers” that go there, and they present all different aspects and perspectives of an issue, and we come together to analyze, probe, and process it all and form new conclusions as to understand deeper truth.

There is much that we could do together in taking the things we discuss and putting them into action. I’m excited for what the future may hold.

photo-145.jpgAnd so we come to another shout out, to one of my fellow group-mates, Aloma.

She is fairly awesome… contributes much to the group, though tonight was mostly silent, which is good too. Many a time I, personally, am learning the most when I just sit back and listen to others wrestle with an issue. I think you can learn and understand a great deal of a topic even if you cannot or chose not to actively participate in its discussion. And I believe that was her case tonight, as she shared at the end what was on her heart and mind with the issue.

She blogged about it on her myspace.

2 Replies to “Listen. Be. Breathe.”

  1. I finally saw the Nooma video! Now every time I hear someone saw Yahweh I have a picture of Rob Bell breathing it out.
    You could have spoiled it for me though. LOL
    I was so tired that night I definitely need to watch it again because I don’t think I fully absorbed it.

  2. William,

    That night was…indescribable. Though I’ve only seen two, and am currently starting my own Nooma collection, it was the best that I’ve watched thus far. Thank you for it; everyday now, I’m noticing my breathing. I see others and their breathing. The world, as cheesy as it may sound, is a different place for me now. Much like your Texan experience.

    I love the silence, always have. I now love the dark, I’m in the dark right now as I type. My son is laying next to me and I can hear his breathing. He’s calling out to God and doesn’t even know it.


    p.s. Fairly awesome?? You know you lurve me!!

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