Attempted murder.

My brother tried to kill me today. At least that’s what I’m telling everyone. We decided to finally clean the room for the first time in months, but in addition to that I decided it was time to reorganize the furniture and computer area. And by reorganize, I mean throw out all the old furniture and buy new stuff. It was high time. Up until today I was using the very same computer desk that I got when I was 13. And I took two separate desks and kinda formed a pseudo-corner desk. Mad ghetto.

In the process of this reorganizational endeavor is when the fiendish attempt on my life took place. We moved my brother, Michael’s, bed out of it’s place in order to clean and vacuum underneath, and while he was moving the mattress, he bumped into a huge mirror we have. It’s borderless. Just a big glass rectangular mirror. So the corners are sharp. Well, the mirror fell…. onto my head. And the corner made direct contact. Thankfully, it missed my eye by an inch or two, but made quite a nice indentation into my face and then proceeded to scratch itself down a good portion of my countenance. I said, “Ow.” It hurt. And then it started bleeding. Quite a bit.

My Dr Evil scar

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we were moving a chair, also with sharp metal edges, and Michael proceeded to jerk it around in such a way that it caught my finger in a tight, sharp place, and gouged out a huge gash across two knuckles. This one also hurt. It looked pretty deep, but I’ma just let it heal.

Bloody Knuckles

Neither wound looks as bad now as it did earlier today, but they were still mean acts to do to me, if I do say so myself.

But we did get to Staples and Ikea and got a new computer desk, a leather manager’s chair, one of those floor plastic things to put under the chair, and two Billy Bookcases. Yes, the bookcases are called “Billy.” Gotta love them Sweeds.

Here is an image of my new computer area. It is not yet complete, and the wall severely needs a new paint job, but here it is as of now.


I’ll post more pictures once the area is complete, but until then, I bid thee farewell.

10 Replies to “Attempted murder.”

  1. That probably would have been a wise decision, but no. My mother also said I should get stitches on my finger, but, again, no. I guess that I will just have to trust God to keep me safe from disease and my body to be able to naturally repair itself.

    I’m also noticing in the first picture of the scar on my face that I look really tired. Like, REALLY tired. And busted. It was a long weekend.

  2. You know, sweetie, my heart goes out for you and the pain you must have felt but I gotta mention that all this happened because of the fact that you and your dear brother are both men.

    You see, I manage to move my entire room around, sometimes more than twice a year, with nary a scratch. My mother and sister will vouch for me, a little soreness in the morning and that it.

    You know what you needed the day you decided to revamp your room? A woman.

  3. That mirror is completely evil. It likes to fall on unsuspecting people who casually bump it. Which makes me wonder about two particular questions. One, Why is that mirror allowed to roam freely? Two, Why do you need a mirror that big just floating around?

  4. ‘Tis a shady and shifty mirror. Every time we attempt to bolt it down, it eludes us. As to why we need one so big, it was free. And being free, it’s size concerns me not. 🙂

  5. That’l teach you to waste your time and money just because something is old. If it is in good condition, who cares how old it is. And buying stuff from ikea? Why would you buy anything from a company that makes it’s money off the backs of slave laborers?
    Sonds like you need to stop watching tv commercials and believing the hype junk mail you receive.
    If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it.

  6. First off, thank you for your concern about my financial state and the level of waste prevalent in our society. It is appreciated. Let me assure you, this was not a purchase just for the sake of purchase. The desks I was using were no longer adequate to meet my needs in an efficient manner. And the old desks were not wasted. Another who needed them took them for their own.

    As far as Ikea using slave labor, I have not heard reports of this myself nor have found any inclination of this being true while researching your claim.

    And as far as TV. I don’t really watch it. I don’t even have a TV of my own. And I don’t let marketing ploys trick me into buying things I don’t need. I myself market items and create promotions, so I know how to see through the fancy wording and advertising tricks.

    But again, thanks for your concern. Critical and opposing posts, ideas, and concepts make life fun and interesting. I enjoyed it.

  7. William,

    I was making my bi-nightly (is that a word?) or so visit to your site and checked out the wound pics again. You know, it would have been extra cool if you showed off your battle scars with a huge grin on your face!

    You look like you need a hug in both pics; the Wolverine beard doesn’t help either. LOL

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