RSS Bonanza

Here’s a list of RSS feeds I subscribe to and follow either on a daily, or near-deaily basis:

3. Beautiful Mess
5. Josh Griffin’s Blog

(I actually am subscribed to at least a dozen blogs, but these are the ones updated most often, and so I read them just about every day).

1. Simply Youth Ministry
2. TWiT
3. MacBreak Weekly
4. The Sanctuary Podcast
5. Mosaic
6. Mars Hill Bible Church

Where do all of you get your media from?

Subscribe to my RSS on the right sidebar near the RSS logo.

3 Replies to “RSS Bonanza”

  1. Forgive me. Actually, I am subscribed to yours… I have it in my Google Reader account. I was trying to think, last night, which ones were updated daily and missed your blog. In my defense, I should note that I was in a zombie-like state yesterday and was not in a completely rational state of mind from my exhaustion. I shall correct this heinous error.

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