Live recordings

Here’s a video we recorded at The Sanctuary a few weeks back. Gary performed one of his songs for us and I recorded the audio, AJ recorded the video, and then we combined it into this. Not the best of quality, but pretty good for doing it on the fly.

ceaser-watkins.jpgI suppose this would be a good time to do a shoutout to Gary, huh?  I’ve known Gary for years upon years upon years.  From a time when Internet multiplayer gaming was just getting big with games such as Duke Nukem 3D and Red Alert.  A time where we spent countless hours using the faulty DragonTalk2 voice recognition software that took 3x longer to use than a regular mouse.  A time where things such as the Windows 95 Power CD existed.  Good times.

Gary moved to Florida a week or so ago for his company.  I wish him the best of luck there.  And in honor, here is a picture from a missions trip we both went on in 1997 to the Dominican Republic.  This was at the hotel we stayed in.  I call it, “Ceaser Watkins.”

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