Taken over by machines

weather mapI had a realization, not even 30 seconds ago. I’m getting dressed to go to the church office and to the eye doctor’s and some other places and was wondering if it was cold enough to wear a thermal beneath my t-shirts. It’s a valid question… especially since I do not have as of yet a winter coat. My company is supposed to be buying us one, but until they actually do, I am forced to freeze when the mercury drops. So, what do I do in order to find out how cold it is outside? I instantly run over to the computer and head to weather.com. Never mind the fact that there is a window right next to my computer desk. I’m looking at it now. I can see the rain. But how did we get to the point that, in order to find out the temperature, we turn to a website instead of just opening the window? I mean, I love technology… a lot. There’s so much we can do with it. The Internet is an amazing resource. But some things are just better left analog. I don’t want to get so dependent on the Web that I forget how to open a window…

I’m going outside.

One Reply to “Taken over by machines”

  1. I think you’re the only one who does that, William. You’re very much a tech head. Do you realize how your eyes light up when you start talking about it…

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