So delish…

Delicious Library I found this awesome program awhile back. I downloaded it, but never really used it. Seems they have released a new version of it, and I re-downloaded it to see what it was really about.

It’s called Delicious Library. It’s a computerized library of all your books, music, movies, games, and the like. It graphically shows you everything in your collection organized by author, titles, or any other thing you can imagine. What is really sweet about this program is that you can use your iSight camera to scan the barcodes of your library and then it will search and automatically download all the information. So simple. And so cool.

Plus, if you loan a book or CD to someone, Delicious Library will let you drag the item to the name of that person in your pre-existing Apple Address Book and even give you a due date when you want the item back. It shows a little marker on the item in the library so you know what is still in your possession and what is out on loan. It will even put the due date into iCal and sync to the iPod. Total integration. It’s amazing.

It even works with Spotlight and provides a free Dashboard Widget for quick searching of your collection.

This is a Mac only program. I’m using the free demo right now, which is restricted to 25 items, but I’m seriously considering making the $40 purchase to get the full thing.

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