Thus ends Saddam

So the US Government turned Saddam Hussein over to Iraqi officials today, and within 5 hours they had him executed.  They don’t waste any time over there.  As he was getting off the plane and transferred, they already had the gallows set up with a clergy, doctor, judge, and witnesses on the scene.

I mean, I know he was a jerk.  I know he tortured and slaughtered a ton of people, but I can’t help but feel sad about the situation.

I mean, as twisted and evil he lived his life, Saddam was still a human being made in the image and likeness of God.  He was still a creation that God loved unconditionally and came to earth in order to bring back into relationship.  And even though Saddam used his life for evil, he still had the breath of God within him sustaining his life.

I’ve rethought my views on capital punishment.  I mean, even beforehand I never arrived at a definite conclusion whether it was good or bad.  But now that I have learned more, I understand that just what it means to be human and the sanctity of human life – no matter what the age or circumstance.

Don’t get me wrong.  Saddam committed severe crimes against mankind.  I, in no way, think that there should be no punishment for his action.  There are alway consequences.  And death certainly is a fitting consequence.  But then again he now has no other chance, as slight it would be, to make restorations – the chance of redemption – and to salvage what was left of his humanity.

I still am not sure my stance on the issue.  And though the world is now one despot shorter than it was yesterday, I still can’t help have a somber attitude towards it.

Justice has been served.  Make no mistake.  But at what cost?  And can the loss of hundreds and thousands of lives truly be rectified with the loss of another?  Is there another way?  Or is this the best way?

3 Replies to “Thus ends Saddam”

  1. I dont think i have ever come to a conclusion of whether i am for it or against it. Even after getting a degree in Criminal Justice and learning everything therer is to know about the subject all i can is that its not up to me to make the decision of who lives or or dies, and i am quite happy about that.

  2. Not sure whether I’m for or against either. If I was a victim, I’d want justice, recompense- I know I would but standing now, looking in from the outside, all I see is a terrible guy who made some pretty bad decisions and paid the price others thought was suitable.

    If you remember what I said, I don’t believe he decided he would be such a man. Can you imagine a two year old with the imaginations of a cruel dictatorship (not counting Joshua). I watched the video and thought of his parents, what kind of people were they? I’m sure that this Saddam was a beautiful infant…what happened?

    I am in no way supporting his actions and I do believe that he definitely had to answer for his cruelty. But I feel bad for that child in him. I wonder where the evil took over. I wonder what happened to him that made him end the way he did. I wonder if he called out to God before dying. I hear the heavens groan for a lost soul.

  3. I don’t know why, but I found myself kinda sad when I heard about his execution. It seemed brutal to me, but I feel guilty even saying that b/c of Saddam’s brutality. Mixed emotions…

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