What would you like to do?

I have a specific email account (Hotmail) used for any kind of list I have to sign up for, for companies that ask for an address, for anything possibly related to SPAM, etc. It work’s pretty well. It keeps my primary email box relatively clean.

Anyway, I was digging through Hotmail today and found an email that got buried deep within its bowels. It’s from The Bridge’s staff Christmas party. We used eVite (hence it being in my SPAM account) to send out invitations and to communicate the details.

This was generated from a list we made saying what we would like to do during the party. Not everyone responded, but I found it rather amusing.

What would you love for us to do on this night?
Manny Ayales – sexy party time
cpainter – eat, hang out, eat some more 🙂
ababbittjr – Use Icy for target practice!
jenniflor – rest
cuddycass – give us skizies
flowerintherain – group picture.
psalm16 – Games and such…worship and prayer for the New Year.
alejandra rivera – games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eastwiczprincipe – PLAY BRIDGEOPOLY
cgarcia – A game or two.
tirado1687 – something fun
jsiniscal – Walk through P.M
cuddywill – sexy party time
griddams – wu-tang.. : }
William Hartz – Party like it’s 1999.
Jenifer Flinton – sleep?

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