Geek On!

So I watched both the Microsoft and Apple keynotes this week. There were things I liked in both of them.

I do have to give Microsoft a hand on one thing the’ve always done right… the Xbox. Xbox, it seems, is winning the war over PS3. Every review I’ve heard has said that if you want a system thats fun and easy and great for groups, get a Wii. If you want a power system with insane graphics get an Xbox. I used to have an Xbox back when the first one came out. We ended up selling it because we needed some money.

But the things they were showing with the Xbox 360 were pretty amazing… the way it integrates with Vista and the way you can use it for social networking and linking up everything. It seems that Microsoft wants to use Xbox as the hub to bring all their stuff together, much like Apple is using iTunes… but we’ll get to that later.

I really liked the way they showed how technology is going to be connecting everything together, and I have seen these things coming for awhile now. There’s so much power out there with technology to unite people together as well as all the aspects of one individual’s life. It’s amazing.

I especially liked, and my brother oooed and ahhed these parts too, how they were showing how location-sensing technology, such as GPS and RFID, will help the technology to change based on your location… like using your mobile phone for customized information such as the digital bus-stop sign, the voice-activated kitchen, and the digital wall with camera linkup and customized artwork… Very futuristic stuff, but entirely possible within the next decade. The new Sync technology partnership with Ford was also really cool.

And I’ve decided that, even though I’m a bit scared of it, I’m going to give Vista a try when it comes out. I’ll get myself a copy and see what it’s all about. It’s supposed to be extremely secure… borderline overboard secure.

They did talk about Zune a bit, but Zune is still a big brown block of turd, so we won’t even bother with it.

You can see the full keynote at


And now for Apple… holy crap. I want an iPhone. And an AppleTV.

First off… I love the idea of taking my iTunes media and wirelessly bringing to my TV in another room in my home. I love it even better that, say, if my brother comes over, AppleTV will also let me stream his iTunes content while he’s in close proximity. I don’t really watch that much regular TV, so everything I want and like sits on my computer. I have a TV show downloading now from iTunes that I want to watch later on. A DVD player would be nice built in, as then it would have everything I need completely in that little box, but I think this is a great product. I’ll probably get one later in the year. Supposedly there is a similar product available, SlingCatcher, that will give Apple some competition, but that can only be good for us. It will be interesting to see what happens.

As for a place where Apple will have little to no competition… iPhone. iPhone is amazing. And it is still 1.0, so it can only get better. I mean, a perfect sync to all my OS X programs (as I’ve never been able to do with my Treo), amazing interface, widescreen iPod, full web browser, multi-touch screen…. incredible. The only things that I don’t like are that it maxes out at 8Gb. I have almost 20Gb of audio alone. And video is huge, so you won’t be able to hold all that much on the iPhone at a time. I’d love to see a larger storage space… 30Gb at least. The other thing.. Cingular. I mean I understand why they needed to join up with a single carrier, but why Cingular? Mostly because I don’t have them… and I’ll have to pay a cancellation fee on top of the iPhone fee to get it.

Nevertheless, I want one a lot. Blackberry, Treo, etc… beware… They either need to step it up A LOT or get out.

You can see the Apple Keynote at
You can see more coverage of the Apple keynote on MacBreak.

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