Thus ends the Compact Disc

I heard today in a podcast that the CD is dying. It’s on its way out. I don’t know if that’s completely true. I mean I think the audio CD is dying. Programs like iTunes and Rhapsody and even the Zune Marketplace are the future of music delivery to consumers. I don’t buy CD’s anymore unless I can get them dirt cheap… at least cheaper than I can get on iTunes. I don’t carry CD’s anymore. It’s all on my iPod. Probably, within 5 – 10 years we won’t be getting music delivered on disc.

But I don’t think the CD-R‘s will be going away soon. Perhaps it will be replaced by DVD-R as files get larger and larger. I mean, discs are way too convenient for quick file transfers. And they’re super disposable. It wouldn’t be convenient to give out thumb drives.

So, I think audio CD’s are going out, but data CD’s will be here for awhile.

Anyway, one thing they did do during the discussion is ask everyone what their first CD was.

Mine, I am somewhat shamed to admit, was purchased for me by my mom and dad when they got me my first CD player for a birthday. They got me Carman’s Radically Saved. I told you… embarrassing.

Radically Saved

On the other hand they did also get me Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Classical music is pretty good and the dynamic range is so much more stimulating to the ear than the music that is put out today.


What was your first CD? Leave a comment.

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