The Wow is now. Windows Vista upgrade complete.

Vista Home Premium Uprade Super Dooper Long Product NameSo I went out today and bought myself a legit copy of the brand-spankin’ new Windows Vista Home Premium. This is the first OS I’ve ever bought outside of a new computer purchase. In addition, my brother got me a copy of Microsoft Office 2007 for my birthday last week since he knew I was going to get Vista today. So it’s been a day of new beginnings for my good ol’ PC.

I decided to go ahead and get Vista on Day 1 because my computer was pretty much dead with spyware. Seriously. I couldn’t even use it. It just sat there… a big Paperweight XP. And my brother, who has been to several Vista classes and training sessions for work said that it seems really secure and looks good, despite all its rumored shortcomings. So I figured, why not?

Perspectived Screenshot CoolnessIt’s only been up and running for about an hour, and so I haven’t really had a chance to play around with it yet. I looked around it a bit, checked out iPhoto Windows Photo Gallery, played with iCal Windows Calendar, checked out just what the “ribbon” is about in Office.

I must say that it’s a very pretty OS… even though I can’t get Aero to work just yet (glitch #1) despite me having super video card with 256Mb of memory. My brother is going to bring a spare video card he has that should be Aero-ready tomorrow so we can see what it can really do.

One thing I noticed right off the bat that surprised me was that I think I like the Sidebar better than Dashboard on OSX. I think it has something to do with the Widgets Gadgets being right there on my desktop at all times. And their RSS reader Gadget is pretty cool. I’ve been looking for something just like that for OSX so I don’t always have to open the Web to see my RSS feeds. Props to you, Mr Gates, on the Sidebar.

What do I really think of Vista? Well, I don’t know yet. Give me some time to play with it and really find what I like and what I don’t like. I’ve always said that I like Windows. I just can’t stand the spyware. Spyware is what made me initially switch to Mac. But if Vista really is as stable as I hear it could be, perhaps my Mac and PC can happily coexist side by side on my desktop.

Time will tell.

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