The iPod Shuffle Game

Stolen from Natalie, in this game, you take your iPod (or iTunes), set it to “shuffle” and list the first five songs that come up. You gotta put the top 5, no matter how embarrassing… no cheating!

1. George Clinton – We Want the Funk
2. Crownd – We Fall Down
3. The Ambassador – Church & Parent Appeal
4. Dave Matthews Band – Bartender (Live)
5. Harold B – All I Got

Also, as a bonus to the game, tell how large your iTunes library is.

3508 songs (11.2 days)
263 podcasts (7.6 days)
2 movies (2.2 hours)
8 TV Shows (5.6 hours)
9 Audiobooks (17.5 hours)

Reply your top 5 or link back from your blog.

3 Replies to “The iPod Shuffle Game”

  1. Kewlies!

    #1. “Sango to Kirara” ~Wada Kaoru (He’s a Japanese composer!)
    #2. “She’s Out of My Life” ~Michael Jackson
    #3. “Heart of Worship” ~Sonic Flood
    #4. “Broken Wings” ~2Pac
    #5. “Love Them Like Jesus” ~Casting Crowns

    230 Songs
    5 Podcasts
    1 Movie
    0 TV Shows
    0 Audiobooks

    That was fun! Let’s do another!!

  2. #1. “Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor
    #2. “Come and Listen” – David Crowder Band
    #3. “Boxed Inside” – One Mans Adrenaline
    #4. “Joyful” – David Crowder Band
    #5. “All Fall” -Jonathan Siniscal

    287 Songs
    0 Podcasts
    0 Movie
    0 TV Shows
    0 Audiobooks

  3. 1. Welcome to my life- Simple Plan
    2. I saw the light- David Crowder
    3. Down, Set, Go- Underoath
    4. Give it all- Rise Against
    5. Go Ahead- Disciple

    767 Songs (but my ipod has like 1000 or more in it)
    4 podcasts (or 126)
    4 movies
    6 tv shows
    0 audio books

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