I have neglected this blog as of late, and for that I offer my deepest and most heartfelt apologies. I have been quite busy working on things these past few days, and I have been extremely tired as I am not getting enough sleep. I think I may try to be in bed by 12 tonight, and then take another nap tomorrow after work.

And I wish that I could think of something meaningful to type, but I am drawing a blank.

I will see if there is more to talk about tomorrow after I rest. Until then, behold this igloo and bask in its magnificence.

12 Replies to “Neglect”

  1. Guess what? I’m on a mac leaving a comment on your page. I feel so weird. Maybe I am conforming? What is happening to me?

  2. I think that, little by little, you are becoming more like Jesus. Abandoning the old ways of death and destruction to embrace a fuller and more rich sense of life and purpose.

    And, may I say, that somehow, the text in your second comment seems so much crisper and pleasing to the eye. Weird.

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