Retreat VII Recap

IMG_6877.JPGSo we’re back from Retreat VII. It was a great time. Definitely one of the most stressful Retreats leading up into it and even while there for awhile, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless… well worth the stress and lack of sleep… and by lack of sleep, I mean 42 hours. Yes, for the 2 of you following on Twitter, the final total of hours without sleep was 42. I woke up Thursday morning at 6:30 and went to sleep Saturday morning at 2:30. Great stuff. 🙂

We got up to Tuscarora Inn really early Friday to setup the stage and set and everything. We had an idea of what we wanted to do with the stage and began building it, but noticed it was still lacking a bit when finished. So a few people just sat in the middle of the chapel area, looking at the stage, and pondering what we could do to make it better. Then Romulo had the brilliant idea of renting a 3rd projector and putting another image on the wall. Well, it worked incredibly. That was exactly what was missing. So the set was complete.

It was Janelle‘s birthday on Friday so we went out to eat, came back to the chapel and had a wee cake and sang happy birthday and stuff. It was nice. She’s 26 now.. well into her 2nd quarter-century of life. We’re all getting old.

Everyone got up there and we had our Friday night festivities… games and fun and such. It was a good time. This was also when we noticed our computer wouldn’t like to play video easily for the weekend… thus making it technologically one of the more stressful retreats, in addition to the most technologically advanced retreat ever. But we made it through. The games were fun. The kids ran around and laughed and screamed and got sweaty. Good times.

Saturday was awesome. We figured out ways to work around the computer’s fussiness and (by the last Saturday session) had it nailed down. Sorry to Kevin and Sarah for not having it working perfectly for your teaching.

The Saturday night worship set was simply amazing. Janelle and Romulo did an incredible job leading… especially since Romulo had practically no voice left with which to lead. The ministry time was great. A lot of kids were touched. Every teaching and every session really were great. The teachings were on-point.

And everything, overall, did seem to go quite smoothly. There were no big issues that arose. No emergencies. Everyone was respectful and cooperative. A great retreat.

Afterwards, we broke down the stage and packed everything up in the van to head out. We stopped at our usual pizzeria, “Dough Boys” on Route 611,” on the way home. We ate and spent a good 2 hours there just unwinding and relaxing and hanging out. Good times.

We finished unloading the vans in their respective places around 10:30/11pm and then went home to crash.

Today I took off of work just to have one more day to relax and unwind and refresh myself before heading back to work. I met up with Amy, an old friend from high school who I haven’t seen in 8 years, for lunch. It was fun. We caught up and got to talk a bit. It’s nice to connect with old friends.

Well, this blog is getting fairly long so I will say goodbye for now. I am back and will begin once again posting actual content instead of the recent drivel.

Attached is a small pre-gallery of Retreat VII images. A full gallery, with several hundred images, will be posted sometime later this week on

Click an image for a full-sized version:


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