Flame On!

I got flamed today in my post titled “Neglect.”

It’s an old one, but I’ve been tracking it the past week as it constantly been my #1 viewed blog every day. I thought about just deleting the offending comments since no one would probably see them anyway, but then I decided, in the end, to just keep them up.

Anyways, apparently “I’ve arrived” if someone considers my little blog here important enough to post malicious and belligerent comments for no better reason that to try to get a rise out of me.

I checked the IP address of all 4 comments and found that they all came from the same place,, though they attached different names to each.

But I enjoyed it. It made me laugh. So everyone go check out the Neglect post and see the horrid grammar and spelling of the would be trouble-maker.

For the one who commented, just some advice…

– “will” has two L’s
– It’s “catapult” not “caterpult”
– Though it is silent, there is still a “C” in “suck”
– It’s “you’ve” not “urv”… there’s not even a “r” sound in that word.. :/
– Oh, and the period is your friend. It signifies the end of an independent clause or thought and the beginning of a new one. Don’t be afraid to use it.

There are more, but I am not an English professor by trade.

Thanks for making my day!

4 Replies to “Flame On!”

  1. It’s amazing the power that an idiot with a keyboard has. They hate you cause they ain’t you.

  2. I thought ignorance was bliss, but i guess in reality, it just makes you really upset at those who are intelligent. Go figure.

  3. Great rebuttal, Billy!

    To the mad flamer: I rekomend reterneng. too skool it wyll help yoo? too git ur poynts akros biter;and purhaps com up wyth valyd 1z

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