The quest for more storage moves on

It’s amazing. My previous laptop, a Dell Inspiron 8100, had a 30Gb hard drive. The laptop used by The Bridge has 60Gb of storage. I bought my Mac Book Pro with a huge 120Gb of storage… the largest laptop drive I’ve ever had. I figured I’d be set for awhile. I even bought a spare 160Gb external bus-powered drive to store all my larger media on. Even still, in less than 5 months of me owning it, I had run out of space on the good ol’ Mac Book. I was down to about 200Mb at one point and then cleared up some space, transferred some files and got it up to 4Gb. It had it hovering somewhere between 4 and 6 for awhile, but could never get it any higher. Media nowadays takes up soooo much space it’s sickening.

Well I was searching through some of my files and folders and noticed something interesting. I sync my iPhoto directory into my iPod. I think it’s cool to have my entire gallery in my pocket in addition to my entire music library. Well, to my shock and horror, I noticed the “iPod Optimized Photo” directory exceeded a mammoth 16Gb. I check my iPod and there was only about 4Gb of images on there. Well, I decided that I could not cannibalize 16Gb of hard drive for my iPod, especially when it only takes 4Gb once transferred. And, on a side note, I really don’t get how that math works out… hmmm.

So I cleaned up all that and synced only a small, 4Mb gallery to the iPod and now my Mac Book Pro sits beautifully with 20Gb free on it. I’m gonna have to go look for more of these little storage hogs so I can reclaim my lost memory.

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