Good fun

I discovered something that provides for great fun. Here is what you will need to do this small exercise:

– 1 cat, or perhaps a small rodent-like creature… maybe a gerbil or hamster or guinea pig. Something small and furry usually works best. I do not think a dog or a larger variety pet would suffice properly for this. Definitely not a lizard-based animal.

– 1 can of compressed air dust remover used to clean computers and electronics.

1. Get cat or other small furry rodent-like creature. Lure them to you and gain their trust.
2. Pet said small furry creature as to reaffirm them that they are your friend.
3. Get can of compressed air dust remover spray.
4. Point can of compressed air dust remover spray at said small furry creature.
5. Squeeze the trigger.
6. Watch as small furry creature becomes startled and runs away and then glances back at you with sad eyes as if to say, “Why? Why would you do that to me? Why?”

Note#1: Your small furry creature friend may become angry with you and ignore you for a period shortly thereafter, though this is usually a short time. My cat came back to say hello after about 5 minutes… and so I sprayed her again.

Note # 2: Make sure that the can of compressed air dust remover spray is in the upright position while pulling the trigger. If the can is inverted, not only will your small furry companion get a blast of compressed air, but said air will be frigidly cold, and may produce frostbite. Instead, try the inverted compressed air dust remover spray technique on a close homosapien friend. It usually provides a better response under those circumstances anyway.

That is all. Peace be with you, and your pets.

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