If I can make it there… (reflections of the ancient and of apples)

We went to New York to visit the American Museum of Natural History. It was a decent little excursion. I most liked the exhibits about space and earth and the like. The animal exhibits were ok, but I can’t really get too excited about seeing fake or stuffed replicas of animals that are still alive today.

img077.jpgAnyway, one of the coolest things I saw was right when I first walked in. There was this huge rock with people all around it. There was a man who worked for the museum there who said that it was a 5-Billion year old iron meteorite. And he let us touch it. Regardless of what you think of his dating, it was still pretty cool to touch something so old that was traveling through outer space. There were tons of exhibits there. We did walk through an exhibit/show about the Big Bang Theory as well. What caught my attention is how they kept describing the pre-Bang state of the cosmos as “a void.” They used the word “void” over and over and over again, and I couldn’t help but think of the Genesis 1:2 description of the pre-Creation cosmos. I find many similarities in what the “Bangers” and the Creationist say. And the more I look at the Genesis account of Creation the less discrepancy I see. I think there is more than enough room in the Biblical Creation story to support theories such as Big Bang and Einstein’s Theory of the Expanding Universe and such. But all that is for a discussion at a different place and time. I’ve posted a few other photos of the Museum on my Flickr account.

Afterwards we walked a good 30 blocks for pizza because my brother had his heart set on Ray Bari Pizza and only knew of one location way down on 56th & 3rd. Once there we learned there was another one only 2 or 3 blocks from where we were in the museum. That was frustrating, but the walk did us good.

IMG_2387.JPGAnd after that we went to the Apple Store on 5th Ave. It’s a really cool store to visit. I was looking at some stuff to buy but am waiting as there are rumors of some products being updated with new releases soon. So I wait. Patiently.

One other cool thing about the store on 5th Ave is that this is the store featured in HappySlip‘s video, “Mac Beautiful.” I wanted to get a picture of the same Mac Pro that was in the movie (see image below). Ok, it’s probably not the “exact same” system as I’m sure they swap them out every so often, but it’s still a Mac Pro with HD display in the same location that you see Christine in. Again, more pictures are available on Flickr.


All day long I was trying out Groovr to see how I like it. It’s pretty fun and addictive. (Thanks to iJustine for making me aware of it). I took it a little overboard today with the checking in and photo uploads as I was getting the feel for it. I avoided signing up for the longest time as I felt that Twitter was enough for me…. but I think Groovr may be even more fun to do. They both serve slightly different purposes though, so I’ll keep both. I love all these websites integrating with my cell phone. And I’m glad I upgraded to unlimited text messages in time before I signed up for them. One thing, though… My cell’s battery life took a hit today. All this texting and photo uploading drained it. I’m down to 14%.

Well, I’m tired. I’m gonna head to sleep. Peace be with you all until the morrow.

3 Replies to “If I can make it there… (reflections of the ancient and of apples)”

  1. Coolness! I should have taken a picture outside as well. Actually I did get some video outside that night – but it didn’t really seem to fit nicely. I spent too much time getting the elevator shot. I was surprised no one kicked me out after riding the elevator more than 3 times. Next time I’ll get some cool pics of the outside heh.. Thanks for mentioning me! Yes, that looks like the same corner that I hid out in to get my shots hahah! 🙂

  2. I only found out that I was wrong on the display size AFTER I made the video… bleh. 30″ display, not 24″ iMac which I hurriedly looked up on the Apple site. Oh well, I was too busy drooling over the size of the system – that I didn’t pay attention to the actual specs! Hope you enjoyed NYC!!!

  3. Thanks for visiting the site! Yeah, I love that store. We have one a bit closer in NJ, but there’s just something about the atmosphere of the 5th Ave one. And I’ve drooled over that system before as well. I tried to get at it while there this time, but that guy you see in the picture wasn’t moving for well over a half hour.

    Keep up the great work with your site! I love your stuff!

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