Go Speed Racer, or (the support of Net Neutrality)

A sampling of my Internet connection on 04/13/2007 via Optimum Online.

I’ve been having trouble with my WiFi connection as of late. It has been sooo painfully slow. I tried plugging directly into my router and the connection started screaming with speed. So yeah, I think the “wireless” aspect is shot. Perhaps it’s time to get a new Airport Extreme.

Anyway, it reminds me of this whole Net Neutrality issue that has been happening as of late. Basically the story goes that certain ISPs have the possibility of throttling your Internet speed based on what sites you visit. If it’s a site approved by the provider you might get full connection speed, but if it’s a site the provider does not approve of you will be connected with a much slower bandwidth.

An example, though I’m not saying that this company does this, would be if AOL would cause the bandwidth available to you to be dropped while visiting MSN.com but giving full connection speed at AOL.com. And it doesn’t have to necessarily be between competitors, but any site that the ISP decides to censor would be affected.

In essence, some company tells you what Internet you can look at and what Internet you cannot. It’s wrong and removes the freedom from the consumer in order to benefit the provider.

Thankfully, there are not many providers in the US who blatantly and outright work against this Net Neutrality as compared to, say, Canada where there is much throttling of certain websites by their major provider, Rogers who are known and open about doing this. I feel bad for our neighbors to the north who must go through this.

Anyways, just remember. We want a neutral Internet, where you, the consumer, are free to use it as you will.

Support Net Neutrality!

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