The heavens opened and the floods came down

Today was an interesting day. It started off a bit stressful. There weren’t a lot of people in church today due to the fact that a sudden monsoon of a storm hit us in New Jersey. Some of the tech team called out, I’m guessing because of the rain, so we were a bit short handed in setup as well.

Well, we were pretty badly behind schedule today due to the rain delays and because none of our equipment wanted to work. We were opening the doors to the sanctuary and still had no speakers working. No audio coming out at all. And the projector was messed up, displaying funkdified colors.

Well, we finally got the sound and video fixed before the “official” start, so no one really noticed unless you were watching me and my brother run around like beheaded chickens trying to get it all working.

IMG_7673.JPGAnyways, like I said before, there’s a massive rainstorm upon us. And my street is known to flood badly. It’s like a river out there. And there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon. My basement has about 6″ – 1′ of water in it. Stuff is all kinds of wet. Things floating around. A mess.

IMG_7704.JPGThere’s fire departments assisting the Elizabeth FD from all over the county. I’ve seen Roselle Park, Clark, Berkeley Heights, Springfield, and even New Providence scurrying about the city. We even had 3 engines on my street for awhile with firefighters walking around checking some houses. All my neighbors were out standing in the rain talking about their basements and such. Crazy.

I’ve uploaded several photos to Flickr and even a video to YouTube showing the day’s activities.

Oh, and on a side note, something quite interesting. I was contacted about my flood photos just now and 5 of them have been selected and now appear in a news article about the storm on So exciting!

3 Replies to “The heavens opened and the floods came down”

  1. That video is crazy (good cinematography!)

    2 hours of driving turned into 5. Insane rain- big floods.
    Careful driving out there.

  2. i couldn’t get to school today. Stupid bridge was flooded and to much traffic equaled me turning around and going home.

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