New toys

So I went on a little shopping spree today. I’ve been saving money from my tax rebate, 2006 work bonus, and regular savings in order to get some new toys that I can use for both the church and for my own business that I’m trying to start up. Well I went out today and bought a few of them.

The new setupFirst off I got myself an Alesis MultiMix16 Firewire mixer along with some Shure SM58‘s so that I can do better sounding podcasts as well as ADR for videos and voice-overs and such. My favorite part is that the board will plug directly into my MacBook Pro so I can record multi-track. Hopefully we will be able to do some real recording with Refuge and get their stuff out there in the not-so-distant future.

Canon HV20And to go with the new sound equipment I bought myself a Canon HV20 High Definition camcorder. I’m hoping that we can get some real good production out of this little camera and the new audio recording equipment.



Click an image for the full size
Shure SM58 with pop filterAlesis MultiMix16 Firewire

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