A whole new way to stalk

I was referred to this website from another blog and it seems like it’s a pretty addicting. It lets you stream live video over the Internet for free as well as offer free video conferencing. I have to say this is the most stalkerish (most stalkerish?) website that I’ve seen out there, but I think I really enjoy it. You will eventually be able to put a badge displaying the live video feed into your other blogs or social networking sites, but only a few are available now (Xanga, Friendster, etc). Hopefully they work out deals with WordPress and Virb in the not too distant future. I admit it’s a bit weird for everyone to be able to see what you’re doing, but it’s intriguing at the same time.

Another site that functions along the same lines is UStream.tv. I tried it out but was having a horrid time trying to get it to actually let me send out a feed. Stickam worked pretty seamlessly and effortlessly. I’ll keep at UStream and see what develops, but let’s hope Stickam keeps up the good work and makes it even better in the near future.

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