Media moguls & perfect afternoons

It appears I have been somewhat busy today with all kinds of media creation. First off, let me say that today takes the phrase “Beautiful Day” to a whole new level. U2 has to have been the theme for April 30, 2007. The weather was perfect out. Warm, but not hot. No humidity. Sunlight all over the place. Amazing.

I went to an Elizabeth High girl’s Varsity softball game today. I was going to watch one of our youth from The Bridge. I didn’t see her. Turns out I went to the wrong field. Oops. Well, it was a good game anyway. Elizabeth won (go home team!). I decided to take pictures and video of the game and have posted them online for all to see.


Also added are pictures from The Connexion‘s April Arts festival from last Sunday. We had people come up and share their art for the whole service. Singers, songwriters, dancers, drawers, painters, poets… you name it. It was a big celebration of everything art. We have some video available too, but I will have to work on that a bit later.

Janelle PainterJanet Mayfield

A collection of all the images uploaded (well over 100) are available on my Flickr account.

Also, The Sanctuary podcast is up and running from this week. I taught. I think it went ok. I have to listen to it to know for sure. I did go long. 45 minutes long, I think. Ah well. You can find The Sanctuary Podcast here.

Well, you have enough media to last you quite awhile. Enjoy.

Peace be with you.

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