It’s a small world after all, or (Live from Jerusalem…)

israelcam.jpgWe have a small group of people over in Israel for about two weeks working in a medical clinic, giving aid to those in need in one of the most war-torn areas on the planet. And thanks to it is easier than ever to communicate with them though they are on the other side of the earth. We set up a little page with all of our UStream embeds on it so that we would be able to see everyone all at once. We had some people who didn’t have webcams but wanted to be a part of the experience, so we connected audibly via Skype but used UStream for the video. It worked awesomely! We could all see and hear each other. Romulo, our guy in Israel who had his MacBook with him brought the laptop around to everyone who was there and we were able to say hello. We were able to deliver and take messages for people across the globe. Carlos was able to talk to his wife, Jenn, and actually see her face as he did so. It was so cool.

We were able to see the Via Dolorosa, the road Jesus was forced to carry his cross on to Golgotha. The team stayed in a hotel right on it. Really cool.

This is really a great time, technologically, to be alive. There is so much available to us for FREE that would blow the minds of those who came before us 20, 10, and even 5 years ago. I think we’re gonna try it again tomorrow night or the day after. After that the team will be trekking across the Sinai desert into Egypt, and we won’t have broadband Internet connectivity anymore.

Click the picture above for a full-sized preview.

Peace be with you.

4 Replies to “It’s a small world after all, or (Live from Jerusalem…)”

  1. William,

    Just delighted to hear that Ustream is helping you provide aid to those who need it most. Keep up the good work!

    –Chris Yeh (Ustream Investor)

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