It seems Dell has taken a huge leap forward and is releasing a laptop computer with a small camera built right into the top of the monitor – the Dell XPS M1210. Imagine the possibilities! I mean, this is going to make it so easy to do video chat or to take quick an easy pictures. You don’t even need a separate webcam anymore!

I mean, imagine the things you could do having a built-in webcam. You could even network across borders and keep in contact with friends in far off places with no additional setup or equipment. I guess we’ll just have to wait for there to be programs and websites that can catch up with this technological advance. Incredible!

If only someone would have thought this concept up a year ago.

The XPS M121o with built in camera will be released May 31, 2007.


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5 Replies to “Techno-advancement?”

  1. Doesn’t really change your point. Frankly, compared to the Macbook, the 1210 is heinous. The only advantage its camera has over the Macbook is the ability to swivel.

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