Mo’ new music, or (the seeking of Shalom)

Honestly, I’m turning into such a music junkie. I mean even moreso that I was before. I was doing my daily reading of and came across a story that led me to the website of Jesh de Rox. He’s a Canadian photographer who, I must say, takes some pretty impressive photos. And the web layout is pretty nice as well.

Anyway, he has a few songs that play in the background of the site while you look at his photos so as to set the mood. One of these songs is Gravel Lines by Amy Seeley. And there is where I found myself only a few short minutes ago. And I knew as soon as I heard the song playing that I was going to have to buy it. So I went to iTunes and found the Call it Life EP by Amy Seeley, which is where the Gravel Lines song is located. Of course I saw the EP was only about $4, and so I bought it. Honestly, if I don’t stop buying all this music whenever I hear it I’m going to have to get another job or something.

Amy Seeley, photo by Jesh de RoxThe CD is pretty amazing. It’s so relaxing and peaceful and her voice is astounding. It’s as if the very tone and pitch of it connects with your soul and speaks volumes. I actually found myself sitting here and audibly said, “Wow” while listening.

This is the kind of album that you can put on at the end of a long, stressful day, where you’re all tense and frustrated, and as you listen you’ll forget all the mental and physical angst you were just experiencing. This is what my recent days have been like. There is so much going on, and I have so many things up in the air that I am juggling, and there are so many deadlines and stressful situations as well as the fact that my mind is consistently busy and active dealing with current issues. I haven’t experienced stress of this level since I was in school in November 2002, but that is another story for another time.

And, you know what? This CD somehow has helped pull me out of that, if only for a short time. It’s been a great way to leave the stress behind, and I feel so relaxed and at peace right now. I need some more peace, some more Shalom (in the fullness of its meaning), in my life. Definitely, go buy it. And buy the full length album, also available on iTunes.

And so I take my leave for the night. May peace be with you all.

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