Softball Saturday

WaitSo today we had a Connexion softball game in Warinaco Park. It was really fun. I haven’t played organized baseball or softball in years. There was an ever so slight drizzle throughout most of the game, but it only added to the enjoyment of the afternoon. There’s something a little fun about a little rain while playing.

Anyway, my team won the game. We had me, Sarah, Janelle, Romulo, Joel, Jose, Will, Elliott, and Keith on the team. Everyone did pretty good actually.

SingleI ended up with an .800 average for the day. I was 4 for 5. I had 2 singles, a double, and a triple. 2 runs, 4 or 5 RBI’s. Great game. I did strike out once. But it was still awesome.

The lead kept switching back and forth throughout the innings from team to team. It came down to the bottom of the final inning. We had last licks, and we were down by one. I led off the inning with a single. Elliott was up next. He fouled off what seemed like a few dozen balls and then finally connected with a single of his own. Janelle was up next. She came through with yet another single for herself, and because of her me and Elliott were put into scoring position. Finally, Keith came up to bat. Bases loaded. No outs. And….. there was a crack of the bat, the ball flew beyond the infielders, and me and Elliott scored, thus winning the game. 13 – 12

So much fun. But now my legs are in much pain. I suppose I don’t use those muscles enough and now I’m paying for it. Here are a few more pictures, but you can see all 101 that we posted on my Flickr page.

Janelle Up Fans On deck

I think I’m going to go lay down. Peace be with you.

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