Construction on The Bridge

bridgelogo.jpgThe Bridge: Midtown is officially moving into the Liberty Community Center tomorrow night. I’ve been in there the past three evening getting stuff together and moving stuff around and planning how we’re going to do things. It’s starting to really take shape, and I’m fairly excited about it. I just hope we have a good turn out. There is a chance of rain tomorrow, which usually proves difficult as most of our kids walk.

It is a brand new building and a brand new style of programming though. It will be more “coffeehouse” like. More “artsy” and less sports. I prefer that, myself.

We were there tonight defining all the areas and setting tables and chairs and the like. Tomorrow we just have to put all the little accents and fine details in place and figure out exactly how we’re gonna do it all.

Anyway, we’re gonna take some pictures tomorrow night and I’ll post them sometime in the weekend. I am going to try to stream video of tomorrow night live via There is a wifi signal in the building, so we will see how it all works out. You can check it out here. We should start streaming sometime around 7pm, and if it works out, we may do it every Friday.

Ok, I’m tired and I still have to make some flyers for tomorrow. Peace be with you.

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