I love new music

Some time ago I wrote about an album, an EP I picked up from iTunes, by Amy Seeley.

Well I had the pleasure of actually speaking with Amy for a somewhat extended period of time a week or so ago via MySpace, of all things. I must say that she is great. A human being of significantly high caliber, if I do say so myself, and very real and down-to earth, which is awesome.

Fast forward a few days and I come home and her latest album, The Trees Want You Back, is in my mailbox. Included in the package is a hand-written note from Amy to me. Now, I’m not one to actively go out and try to get autographs or memoribilia from those in the pubic eye. It’s just not that big a deal to me. But it’s little things like the included note that really stand out… the fact that someone would take the extra few minutes to scribble some words on paper to make it more personal. It made me smile.

And so I took the CD and imported it into iTunes in resplendid 192kbps AAC and ported the tracks to my iPod. I’ve been listening the past few days to it, and I must say that I like this album as well. It’s slightly different than the Call It Life EP, whereas the EP was mainly Amy and a piano, making for a peaceful and relaxing listening experience. The album employs a full band with a variety of instruments, including several different wind pieces, and I do think I even heard a banjo at one point. Very cool. From a sound tech’s point of view, I will also say that I like the way it was all mixed together.

It’s a fun album. It’s loaded with great tracks, most which are new. There are a few songs from the EP, though in a different form, such as a new variation of Indigo Sky that I think is just great. The tracks have a lot of personality to them. Some are just fun upbeat tunes, such as Tellings. Others, like Cornwall, have a nice bit of funk added to ’em, which I really enjoyed. Of course there’s a few mellow tracks as well, like Carriere, that just help to bring you to a calm place of peace and relazation. In fact, the entire album, with all of it’s range, is a great end-of-the-day album to settle you down after whatever stresses and activities you faced in the previous 24 hours. It’s 1:30am now and I’m listening and really digging it.

Anyway, I definitely like this collection of tunes. You should head on over to CD Baby or iTunes and pick up a copy for yourself. Pick up two. You’ll enjoy it.

That is all for now. Peace be with you.

2 Replies to “I love new music”

  1. Here’s how she describes herself on her website: “Amy brings the beauty of the isolated backdrop of her upbringing to life through her command of the piano. Her greatest influence has been the music of Tori Amos, together with the elegance of Sarah McLachlan and the quiet, folk elements of Iron and Wine and Sufjan Stevens.”

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