So, I bought my first Mac about a year ago. Maybe a little less. I bought a MacBook, and I instantly fell in love with Apple‘s computers. And from there, it spread. It seems that from my purchase and use and good words about Macs, several people from my area of influence have made the switch or converted back. Ok, more then several. A lot. And here is a list.


AJ Guitar Hero1. AJ. AJ is one who had backslidden from the Mac ways. He had a Dell Inspiron laptop just as I did several years ago. And then he switched to Mac. For some reason, unknowable to human intellect, he switched back. But after I bought my first MacBook, he saw the error of his ways and came back, purchasing his own MacBook. A black one. Very nice.

Romulo2. Romulo. Romulo, after I upgraded to a MacBook Pro, came to me and asked about buying the MacBook from me. And so, he too joined the family. Romulo uses Garageband to create much music that can be heard on his MySpace.

Connexion Softball3. Jesus. Jesus (no, not that Jesus… the other one) was given a MacBook by his parents for Christmas last year and has taken nicely to it, making many videos with his iSight camera and iMovie. Very nicely executed work as well, if I do say so myself.

4. Jenifer. Jen recently graduated from high school and was given some money to go out and get a laptop as a gift and as preparation for college (great parents, huh?). And so she headed out to the Apple Store and got a brand new MacBook with Santa Rosa chip technology and an LED lit screen. Sweet.

img103.jpg5. Michael. My brother. He has been eying my MacBook Pro for some time now. Drooling and such. Wanting one of his own. And so, as he has also graduated from high school, we all chipped in and got him a MacBook of his own. He has not seen the light of day since opening it.

6. Jimmy. My other brother. Or perhaps Michael is the other brother as Jimmy is older than him. I leave it up to you. But Jimmy has recently become a father and sacrifices much for his family. He works much overtime in order to make ends meet. He has little money for himself. He was the original Mac user that I knew, having an iBook, Powerbook G4, and an iMac at various points in the past. All had to be sold over the years for various reasons. And so, since he sacrifices so much for his family, we all chipped in and got him a MacBook as well for Father’s Day. Everyone at work is reportedly jealous.

IMG_6901.JPG7. Samantha. Sam claimed that she would not be converted for a long while. (Ha!) I would subtlety plant messages (get a mac) in random places and comment boards from time to time. The Apple logo may have appeared in different locations by chance. And I do believe that she received actual apples as gifts before. I think what did it, though, was that I would let her have free reign over my Mac at times and let it woo her on it’s own. And soon enough she caught the Mac bug and would think about it and dream about it. And finally she caved and made the big purchase last Saturday. She too hasn’t left her room yet.

And let’s not forget the prospectives… those who have made mention of their desire or intent to switch or convert back.

1. Naomi
2. Jose
3. Kirk (who would like to buy my 15″ Pro if the rumors are true and a MacBook Thin is released that I intend to purchase)

We shall see what becomes of their stories.

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2 Replies to “Macintakover”

  1. awww….. im touched… thank you so much again! youre the man and as soon as i have some money I’ll buy you a hot pocket or something…

  2. yes. i have converted t a mac. It is true that free reign over your mac was what got me to finally convert. i remember the moment i knew i was hooked. i was on the apple website and looking at the new os system and i was excited over it and wanted it. That was when i knew i would probably get a mac.

    but i have left my room to actually experience real life. That part is false.

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