Reading is fundemental

So I joined on recommendation and referral by Leo Laporte and the fine members of the various TWiT podcasts. As such, my consumption of books will increase dramatically. Of course, I’ll never get to the level of my friend Angela, the SciFi Chick… seems that she reads a new book every day.Anyway, I suppose I’ll be posting some new book reviews on here from time to time. You can also follow me at to see what I’m, well, consuming. I believe there is also a “Consumption” area on the sidebar of this blog.I’m currently “reading” John Hodgman‘s The Areas of My Expertise.  Yeah, the “Hi, I’m a PC” guy.  Seems pretty good so far.  I’ll write more upon completion. I guess that’s all for now.  Peace be with you.   

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One Reply to “Reading is fundemental”

  1. Its about time, i feel so much smarter since i can actually get through 2 books sometimes in a day and actually retain the information.

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