So, I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to go get a 1TB drive. Well, I didn’t. I got a 500Gb one instead. I couldn’t quite afford the full Terabyte. Well, I take that back. I probably could afford it, but it wouldn’t be the wisest investment at this time. I don’t quite need all that storage just yet. Maybe once Leopard comes out and we use it to back up all our Macs things will be different. Anyway, I went for the 1/2Tb. Only $150. I can’t believe how cheap memory has gotten.

Anyways, we plugged it into my (also) new Airport Extreme to make it a network drive. I’m going to use it to store all my media. I already backed up all my iTunes Library, which now exceeds 4000 songs. I’ve now begun to back up all my movies from DVD to the drive. I love that I will be able to watch my movies without the confines of a blasted plastic disc, and all wirelessly over my network. I can even dial into home, from anywhere I am (potentially in the world) and watch my contect all stored locally at my house. So cool. Don’t tell the DMCA though, as they will probably get quite cranky as I am watching content I have legally purchased in a private setting but in a different medium than they think it should be viewed.

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