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So I saw two movies over the past few days. One was exceptionally amazing. Not the best ever, but still great. The other is fighting very hard to dethrone 187 as the worst movie ever. We shall start with the former – the greater of the two moving pictures.


I admit that I was quite a fan of the Transformers in the 1980’s. I loved them. And so I knew that I would be seeing the movie when it was released. Well, we went on Tuesday night since we all had off of work on Wednesday for Independence Day. The movie did not disappoint. From the very first moment the movie was awesome, as we saw scrolling pictures of Earth and Cybertron with the voice, and I mean Optimus Prime‘s real voice, narrating the story to us. Yes, they got Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime from the cartoons, to voice the movie Prime. So cool. They redesigned the look of the Transformers for the movie, and it totally works for their live action depictions. They tried to make the movie light hearted in areas, and I must admit there were certain scenes that had me rolling. Of course the action scenes when the Autobots and Decepticons finally have at each other are spectacular. All of our old friends are here, Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Megatron, Starscream, Devestator, and many more. I don’t want to give any real story points away, so I won’t say much more. A few gripes I have are that I wish they developed Megatron a bit more. For most of the movie he is… indisposed. And then when he finally springs into action there’s not much left besides a big fight. In fact, most of the Decepticons only get some real screen time in the last 1/2 hour of the film. They did leave plently or room open for a sequal, with lots of new Transformers coming into the mix.

Oh, and I do believe that Apple must have paid a ton of money to the film for product placement. Everyone had a Mac. And I mean everyone. They all had Macbooks or Mac Pros with huge 30″ HD displays all over the place. And, another small little nuance… they turned a Microsoft XBox into a Decepticon Very funny.

and now for the later, the crapfest of my recent film watchings.


I don’t know exactly where to begin. I suppose we should have known, had we read the back of the DVD and saw that this was made by the same people who thought up Bevis and Butthead. I did read online somewhere that this movie was funny. Well, parts were I guess. Most of it was mind-numbing drivel. I mean, with a title of Idiocracy, what do you expect? It certainly lives up to its name. Basically, it goes that an average bloke is put into hibernation as an experiment and wakes 500 years later to find that humanity has downward spiraled into a group of total idiots. No one can think for themselves. Society is in shambles. And it seems everyone and everything is straight up perverted. And Joe, our hero, finds himself to be the smartest man alive. He is put into a variety of situations, calling all of his average wits into play in order to solve our future society’s problems. The sad thing is that I find the beginning stages of this bafoonism already at work today. People just don’t think anymore. I plan on reading Al Gore‘s book The Assault on Reason shortly, which deals with this very topic. I will write about it when the time comes. But anyway, while certain parts were quite funny, most this film is painful nonsense. I do believe I am dumber having watched it. And this is an hour and a half hour that could have been used so much more productively… perhaps beating myself senseless with a mallet. Yes, that would have most certainly yeilded more stimulating results. Ah well. Let us hope society doesn’t become what Idiocracy fortells. Also, on a side note, Samantha has lost her movie-picking priviledges. 🙂

And that is all. I must take my leave and head to bed. There is a long week ahead of me and there is still much to do. Until then. May the peace of God be with you.

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3 Replies to “Best movie worst movie”

  1. That is so unfair. I did not pick the movie. You said that you had read a review that Idiocracy was a good movie. I had heard nothing much about the movie and only held it for us because it seemed like we all wanted to see it. Most of this choice lies on you, NOT me.

  2. of course you don’t. anything that may implicate you was only verbal so there is not record of it except n my mind because you deny it.

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