Janelle + Mac = Awesomeness

Janelle has joined the Mac community. Her awesomeness level has increased exponentially today as a result. Welcome to the family, Janelle!

In other news, I do have many stories to tell of our recent trip to North Carolina but am still excessively exhausted and fatigued. In addition, my mind has been preoccupied with a great many things since our return. I will blog in detail about it perhaps tomorrow.

I do have one quick blurb from the trip that relates to this here post, as it involves Janelle, which I shall now share.

The first day we were in NC we went on a hike up a waterfall. Somehow I must have lost my mind while there because I put my bag with my still-fairly-new HV20 on a bridge at the base of the falls.  When I realized my folly, Janelle volunteered to run back down the mountain and rescue the HV20 from certain doom.  She is quite cool for doing so.  My thanks goes out to her.

And now I seek some rest.. physical and mental.  Until the morrow, may peace be with you.

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