Under the indigo sky, just breathe

i’m tired of running for the train
tired of these streets and days
tired of the go go go
money on my brain
i see myself piece by piece…
slipping away .
tired of the have-to-have parade
daunting is the task of getting ahead
look out for number one, then back to your shell

separation is our expense

there’s an urgency to breathe
there’s an urgency
to be …

under an indigo sky

met by a beautiful rain

over the simplest of terms
we will converse
with a new frame of mind

our heads are clear now

and our hands are untied

we’re free to roam …

in the indigo .

accumulate more or want less
the question i pose is heavy on my mind

simplicity is my necessity at hand

so take me to where i can be

where i can be

under an indigo sky

met by a beautiful rain

over the simplest of terms

we will converse

with a new frame of mind

our heads are clear now
and our hands are untied
we’re free to roam …

in the indigo .

words & music by amy seeley

There has been much weighing heavy on my mind and soul as of late. So many things trying to push in one direction or another. So many choices and opportunities and risks. So many frustrations and questions. Life can be hard. In fact, life will always be hard. The world is functioning and flowing at a pace that can drive anyone mad. Society holds unrealistic expectations of all within its grasp to perform and perform and perform. This, coupled with internal turmoil, whether it be your own or in the shared pain of a friend, can seem altogether unbearable and destroy one’s self from the inside out.

I have found solice in this song in recent times as I face the natural, and some unnatural, pressures of this world. The way it speaks of the pain and frustration and pressure on all of us and the losing of one’s self to the madness of the chaos that surrounds is all too real. And the solution… to simplify. To escape the deafening noise and to embrace the simplest of terms. To enjoy the seemingly mundane things all around us that speak to us and reconnect us with the reality of who we are and what it means to be human. To embrace the truth all around us. To be free… clear heads and untied hands. It is the plight of us all, isn’t it? The words of the bridge are so profound. There is an urgency to BREATHE. Ruah. Nooma. To reconnect our souls with the source of peace. To find shalom. Healing. Restoration. We need it. I need it. And so I seek solice in the simplicities of my existence and my own humanity and the reality of who God is and how it all relates, and I breathe and rest under the indigo sky.


PostScript Area begin:If you happen to find yourself interested in the breathe link listed above and click on it you will be magically transported via the wonder of hypertext to a YouTube video that contains a preview of a larger video aptly entitled, “Breathe.” Now, you may watch the 2 minute preview video if you are so inclined, but may I suggest, if you trust me that is, to foregos the watching of the YouTube preview and make your way over to Nooma.com and purchase Nooma #014 “Breathe.” Don’t ask questions. Don’t hesitate. Don’t even watch the preview if you can resist. Just buy it. It’s that good. It is a 15 minute video that has changed my life and my perspective on a great many things. You shan’t be disappointed. In fact, if you truly understand and listen to the video, you will be blown away by the reality of it all and you will never look at your life, or breath for that matter, in the same way.

PostScript Area the second begin:And as for this song, Indigo Sky by Amy Seeley… I want you to find the peace your soul craves as well. And so I offer this incentive. Comment this blog post and let me know why your soul is in disrepair and in need of shalom. For the first 10 people who do so, I will gift you this song via iTunes. This is not the album version but the EP one, which is my personal favorite between the two. The words are powerful. The music transcending. And Amy’s voice is soothing. This, especially coupled with the Breathe video if you choose to go that route, I think, may help you find what you are looking for. Just make sure you put your name and email address in the fields where they are requested so I will know where to send it.Thank you, and may peace be with you.

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3 Replies to “Under the indigo sky, just breathe”

  1. My soul is in disrepari for one reason, I feel like I’m not fulfillying my purpose. God put us on earth for a reason and one of those purposes was to worship. I was given a gift to sing my heart out to the one who gave me breath. Lately I have let a job get in the way of fulfilling that one thing that I wa made for. i have felt it. I have felt myself out of tune and pace with the song put in my heart. This sunday I finally realized that I wasn’t on stage showing everyone what God has given me. I have let my gift be hidden under a bushel. I realize that I have to lift my voice to the one who hears the longings in my heart and until i do what he has created me to do, I will not feel content.

  2. william,

    thank you for this beautifully meaningful blog entry .

    i really love what you wrote about the word breathe : to reconnect our souls with the source of peace .

    to know indigo sky is resonating in you so deeply means so much.

    thank you.


  3. I struggle every day, feeling lost, feeling like God isn’t there. Waiting for Him to show me an unmistakable sign of His presence in my life. Then I watch a film like Breathe and realize that God is present with me all the time. With each breath I take, I am experiencing a miracle, the miracle of God dwelling inside me! He has placed His imprint on this world and in my life in so many ways if I just open my eyes and look for it. I am standing on Holy Ground everywhere I go, with burning buses all around me.

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