iTunes iMpulse v2.0

So me and Romulo went to Van Gogh’s Ear last night. It was open mic night in addition to them hosting some indie artists from the area. We figured we might find some new talent to bring into Connexion and/or Fusion. Plus we were bored. So it worked. The music was alright. Well, most of it. There was one guy who did a song about Viagra. Still not sure what to make of that. But while there we started talking about music and I ended up going on another iTunes shopping spree. And here is what I added to my collection:

1. Fionn Regan – Put a Penny in the Slot (free iTunes download)
2. Captain Melao – Estelar (free iTunes download)
3. Colbie Caillat – Bubbly (free iTunes download)
4. Pastilla – A Marte (free iTunes download)
5. Five for Fighting – 100 Years
6. Five for Fighting – Superman (It’s not Easy)
7. The Strokes – Someday
8. The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
9. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Facedown
10. K-OS – Fly Paper
11. Sara Bareilles – The entire Little Voice album
12. Mute Math – Typical

I also bought two new audiobooks from

1. The Problem of Pain by CS Lewis
2. The Assault on Reason by Al Gore

Now I just have to find time to listen to it all.

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5 Replies to “iTunes iMpulse v2.0”

  1. I think I know that Viagra guy… was the song “Theres Viagra in the water” about a Viagra truck that crashes and the pills go in the towns water supply? I saw him at a coffee house in New Brunswick.

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