Of audio, salad, dollars, prayer, and communication, or (today was a good day)

Woke up early and went to church to setup sound. It was just me and Mike for a great while, but everything was setup on time and worked well. Church was long as always. 3 gatherings over the course of 8 hours with setup and breakdown. Everyone seemed a bit fatigued all day. Or maybe it was just me and my brain processing everything slowly. Nevertheless, all worked well. Sound had no major issues. It was all smooth. We had a special guest performer, The Prisona, for Connexion and Sanctuary. He was pretty good.

After church I couldn’t find anyone to go to lunch with, so I went to Stop & Shop to purchase some grocery for my consumption. I wanted a salad with grilled chicken. So I purchased the ingredients for my concoction and made my way out. On my returning of the cart to the proper cart-holding receptacle, I was approached by a man with a limp. Yes, someone asking for money. If this were to happen several months back I would have simply said I had nothing and went about my business. But as of late I have been convicted within to reach out and help those in need, no matter what the need is. It’s not my concern what he will do with the money. It was obvious he was “down on his luck” and could possibly use the money. I would normally reach for the pocket that holds my loose change, but instead, for some reason, I reached for the other pocket where I keep dollar bills. I grabbed a bunch and handed them over. Honestly, I can spare 4 or 5 dollars… And he broke down and started crying. He told me of his struggles and that he was recently hit by a car not a hundred yards from where we were standing. Both of his legs, subsequently, were damaged and he can barely walk without the use of a cane. He spoke of how he hates having to beg for money, but he is no longer able to work because he can’t get around. He told me of how he used to work and earn his money, but now he has no idea where his next dollar or meal will come from. And he told me of how the State keeps telling him to hold on and delays the Government-aide. And he kept saying that he doesn’t understand how his life got into this situation so quickly. I offered to pray with him and he accepted and we prayed in the middle of the Stop & Shop parking lot. And I walked with him a little more as he told his story, and then he said he was going to get a slice of pizza with the few dollars I had to give him. He kept saying, “thank you,” and he hobbled away.

It’s amazing how something as small as a few dollars and a prayer can have such a profound impact on a life. It really was nothing on my end. But to him it was the world. And that is what we are really called to do. To love. Simply and purely. To show love. To displace the current living hell that our brothers and sisters of humanity are sufferng here and now and to bring forth the invasion of the Kingdom of God into that dark place. Putting it plain and simple, to bring heaven to earth, making the teachings of Jesus real and relevant to a world dying and in need right now. It is the decent thing to do, simply as human beings. It is the right thing to do. It is the godly thing to do. It’s like Morgan Freeman said in the recent Evan Almighty, “How do you change the world? One act of random kindness…” People always wonder how to accomplish God’s will in their life. How do you really advance his Kingdom? How do you live a life that Jesus said we should live? Maybe it’s a simple as giving a guy a dollar and praying for his knees.

In other news, I must say that I simply love the Internet. I met a new friend a few days ago, named Ai. She lives in Tokyo. Yes, the Tokyo. We have been conversing via Twitter, but today finally got to speak via IM. It’s amazing what the Internet allows us to do. The world is now so small that thousands upon thousands of miles of distance are completely eliminated through these fiber lines spanning the globe, connecting those who would never have met before into real-time conversation and communication via text, audio, and even video. So very cool.

And now it is 2am, and my day has come to a close. I sleep, for I must be at work at 7. I foresee me being quite tired in the AM.

Fare thee well, and may peace be with you.

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One Reply to “Of audio, salad, dollars, prayer, and communication, or (today was a good day)”

  1. ahh yes, the old tug at the heart trick, a classic move. I too have fallen victim to a person in need many of times. Always get that fuzzy feeling afterwards. ickky…

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