This is my home

The Ave

I’ve started a new photo gallery on Flickr called “This is my home” in which I will, on a continual basis, be posting photos and images from my home town of Elizabeth, NJ.  I love the city I live in and want to photo document all the different areas of the city.

In related news, I should be posting 2 or 3 other galleries of photos from the past few weeks sometime this weekend. Enjoy.

Click here to access “This is my home” on Fickr”

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4 Replies to “This is my home”

  1. i think if you love it so much you should embrace it and move down to the port and really show the people how much you love it.

  2. somehow, in the back of my mind i knew you were going to say that. Following in the footsteps of Mr. Rob Bell i see.

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